Capitalist Mitt Romney truly is a sh*t head!

Sorry about the avalanche of posts today but I couldn’t help myself. While catching up on all of my animal abuse news, I happened upon this story about Mitt and the 12 hour ride he and his family took, while their scared-shitless-dog-Seamus-was-strapped-to-the-roof in his dog carrier.  Turns out, good ole square-jaw Mitt violated animal-cruelty laws from state to state. According to ALDF Mitt violated “anti-cruelty laws in each of the jurisdictions the Romney’s passed through that would clearly prohibit such a rooftop journey.”  I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but now that I know the exact details, I hope what goes around comes around and some day, Mitt-y-poo gets his comeuppance!

Here are the deets, if you’re so inclined…(and boy am I soooooooooo glad I didn’t vote for him. You know my stance on animal cruelty).

Help Stop Backyard (illegal) Butchers

If you’ve got the stomach for it, watch this video footage of an illegal backyard butcher.  Oh and BTW, if you think this sort of thing only takes place outside the USA — think again.  A good percentage of these illegal backyard butchers are in…ready…wait for it… FLORIDA!!!!!  That’s right. The video you’re about to watch, if you can stomach it, was taken from good ole sunny vacation spot Florida!


Backyard Butchery: An Ethical Alternative to Factory Farming?

With such a focus on factory farming today, there is little attention on a growing movement in the backyard slaughter farms which operate under the radar and without any regulatory oversight. But some activists are hoping to change that. In Southern Florida in particular, the backyard butchery movement is thriving, and investigator Richard “Kudo” Couto of Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is a pioneering activist who does a tremendous job exposing these covert operations. His investigations have turned up some of the most horrific cruelty to animals perhaps ever documented in modern times. The photos and video footage obtained from Cuoto’s investigations are indeed harrowing and devastating…

The source of the story can be found here:


Crunchy Betty

My co-worker, partner-in-crime, graphic designer extraordinaire  Erica just introduced me to this very cool site. In her words, “I’m obsessed with this blog.  It’s all about natural hippie-crunchy hair and skincare. Love it!” 

Now this, GE Followers, is something I can get on board with.

Everyone, meet Crunchy Betty

Go on and click the link…g’head… it’s ok, I’ll wait while you do.


Where’s Shirley’s Rock?

My favorite vintage Etsy seller: Shirley of KlassyKlassics  emailed me yesterday to say she just  rescued a starving, matted, abandoned cat, whom she is affectionately calling: TC (The Cat).   In her email, Shirley asks, “Where’s a rock? I want to throw some at that creep. Over the weekend someone dumped a beautiful Siamese in our neighborhood.”   Shirley is a girl after my own heart. Rather than throw rocks at innocent feral cats (even rhetorically and in jest) who are only following instincts, Shirley and I would like to hurl boulders at the rat f*ck son-of-a bitch who abandoned this cat. Furthermore, I would like to torture anyone who brings harm to innocent animals…yep, that’s right I said torture.

…deep breaths…deeeeeeeeeeeep breaths…


Here are some photos of TC. Shirley thinks she is a Siamese (She and I are Siamese cat lovers) but I have a sneaking suspicion, TC is a Ragdoll Siamese


Shirley, you are good people and deserve what I like to call “The Halo Award”.  Because you are an angel for rescuing this poor little baby.

Rocks anyone?  I’m going to collect a stock pile this weekend (heavy sarcasm hopefully noted).