A letter to the WordPress Powers that Be

Dear Word Press:

I am very angry at you, yah that’s right YOU!  Would you please explain to me why you Freshly Pressed a blogger who openly and admittedly writes about WANTING to harm a feral cat? I’m serious, would you please explain it to me because I found http://mikeallegra.com/2012/11/29/a-natural-cure/’s blog very disturbing!  As an animal shelter volunteer, I have seen and continue to see egregious acts towards animals – acts that are my worst nightmare and yet,  what does Word Press do? They promote someone who clearly and admittedly has no issue, shame or guilt about harming a cat!!!!

I’m so fit to be tied that I am contemplating closing down my blog.  What a disgrace.  How could you be so callous?

I will re-post this  post every. single. day. until I receive an answer.



13 thoughts on “A letter to the WordPress Powers that Be

    • Thank you for commenting and for your support. This person may have been joking but I have always subscribed the belief that there is *truth in every joke*. That aside; however, I don’t think he IS joking – I think he’s being serious and will, if able, harm that cat.

      That aside, I do find it interesting that he wants to protect the squirrel from a feral cat (who is only following its instincts) and yet probably sank his teeth into a steak that night with nary a care for the cow who unwillingly lost its life so he could fill his gut with animal flesh. How can he lash out so vehemently against the cat and think nothing of a slaughtered animal(s) that he’s feasted on for years?…

  1. I hope you don’t mind If I interject here—I am a HUGE animal lover, I have 3 cats of my own right now, and I’ve had cats all my life. I would rather kill a human than harm even one whisker or hair of any animal. I cry when there’s even a SUGGESTION of harm to an animal on a TV show or movie. So I completely understand your feelings and I’m in 150% in agreement with your sensibilities and sensitivity to this. Which is why I wanted to just pop in to say that Mike Allegra is a bloggy friend of mine, and I can tell you that he really is a good guy. If I thought for a minute that he was serious, I’d be upset, big time. But he’s good people.

    • Hi there!
      I really appreciate you stopping by to comment. I don’t know this person so I’ll have to take your word that he would never harm a cat, because as I just mentioned to Shirley, I believe there is truth in every joke. Can you honestly vouch that Mike would never hurt a cat? He writes so freely about it that I fail to see the humor in it, just like someone wouldn’t see the humor if I joked about harming a small child. Poor analogy, but it’s the best I can come up with. Writing about harming an animal, even in jest, hurts me to the very center of my core.

      • I so get what you’re saying, GiRRL. I’ve been known to get in the face of people who make jokes like that about animals so I absolutely understand. I’m not in Mike’s brain, of course, and I can’t 100% vouch for anyone except myself, but I’m pretty darned sure he’s joking. I know where he lives; if he weren’t joking, I’d be paying him a visit….. 😉

      • You live near him? Ok, well then I feel better. Initially I was less convinced because I thought you only knew him via the blogsphere…but if you live near him that makes me feel better. I just wish he wouldn’t make comments like that. ARGH! So irritating.

  2. I refrained from clicking the link and reading his blog because I thought that anyone who would be so callous does not deserve to have me add to his “click” numbers. So I’m glad to hear what Madame Weebles says. I’ll be this blogger will get the message, even if the Word Press crew don’t. I do find it unfathomable that people can love their pets, hunt in the wild, and eat innocent cows and pigs and chickens for no reason other than entertainment. (It’s not a dietary necessity — it’s just for enjoyment.)
    I may be a cynic, but — no, wait, I am a cynic — I doubt any WordPress people can actually be reached.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks so much for commenting. I agree wholeheartedly. I also agree that the WP Powers that Be could give a rat’s fuzzy you-know-what.

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