Slaughterhouse-Free Pumpkin Bread

Oh good, I was hoping the title would grab your attention.

So hello there!

Yesterday I was home sick from work. Lucky me, I manged to catch the bronchial plague that is running rampant through my office [heavy sarcasm].  So as to spare everyone my plague, I stayed home because, well, that’s how I roll.  At around 11:00, I had had enough of lying down. I mean, I couldn’t sleep due to the coughing so why stay in bed?  Yah, my thoughts exactly.  I took a shower, slipped into some Vicky Secrets (what’s she really hiding?) lounging attire and proceeded to experiment in the kitchen.  With my formal pastry background in check, I proceeded to create a vegan pumpkin bread.  BAM!

At this time,  I do not want to share the formula because I want to experiment a few more times until I feel that I have perfected it.  [Note: in the professional culinary world, pastry recipes are referred to as formulas, not recipes.]

I was reluctant to take any pictures of my creation, but then decided it might be a good idea to document the first batch so as to compare it to subsequent batches.  As with all of my photos, these were taken with my trusty iPhone.  WARNING:  I am not a professional photographer OR a professional food stylist so pretty please with vegan sugar on top, excuse the crudeness of my photos.


So, here is the first batch of Slaughterhouse-Free Pumpkin Bread:  BAM! (again)

Just out of the oven

Let’s take a peak inside…

How about another peak inside?

The First Slice. YUM!

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