Sandy Cats

And these are the other victims of Hurricane Sandy, the one’s you don’t often hear or read about but they matter, at least to those of us who view our pets as family members.

Ten Thousand Kittens

Here is a video from IFAW, featuring Bill from the Animal Rescue League of Boston:

Rescue technicians Bill and Mark are back in Boston now, in part due to the well-organized animal relief efforts.

I’ve seen a number of news articles about animal disaster relief and it’s shocking how many people in the comments sections say that the owners don’t deserve their animals back after they abandoned them. During an emergency, it can be extremely difficult to take pets along. Some authorities won’t let you take them; many shelters won’t admit you with cats or dogs (this has started to change since Hurricane Katrina, but still persists).

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Why BAG Has Stayed Quiet During the Election Season–and Thank You, Tia

I have been a follower of: Ask a Broke-Ass-Grouch for some time now. In fact, Broke-Ass was the inspiration for my blog. Lately, BAG has been curiously quiet, until today! I was happy to see in my RSS feed and WP REader that BAG has something to say. In fact, today’s post about the Election sums up my feelings about Mitt Romney to a Tee. I hope you’ll take the time to read her post. Her writing alone is worth it.

Ask a Broke-Ass Grouch

Yesterday, following her short screed on Sandy, Broke-Ass received a for real, important Facebook message. Here it is:

As someone who loves your articles, I’m glad you moved from the Rancho before Sandy hit, glad you posted and are physically OK after the storm roared over Philly .. even if you are a little shaken & pissed off.

After the trauma of Katrina & Sandy, the devastating floods in Pakistan, the fires and droughts in Texas & the drought with crop loss in the midwest, the overwhelming fires in the west, food shortages in Russia, freak-freezes in Europe followed by freak heatwaves, and signs the jet stream is slowing — I agree, denial of climate change is unforgivable.

Please stay safe in the next storm — but please stay mad in your writing to give voice to the voiceless fighting to survive the economy, and now Sandy.


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