6 thoughts on “CUPPOW!

    • Thanks! I still have to read the rules as I’m not 100% clear what I am supposed to do. Do I need to post a recipe every day/week or just 1 recipe before the deadline. UGH! I’ve been so consumed by work (it’s Quarter end) that I haven’t had time to focus on anything else. 😦

      • Easy breezy, and the VVP website explains it well. You just post one recipe on potluck day, with links to the sites that come before and after yours in the lineup. The VVP site probably has icons they want you to to use for the links to provide some visual continuity and a time they want the post to go up. Annie from anunrefinedvegan.com also has all the info on her site.

        Then on the day of the potluck (or all month long) you can browse your way through the offerings and plan your menus for the next 6 months! 🙂

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