All is right with the universe again…

Why, you ask? Because honey crisp apples are back at the farmer’s market. Can I get a woot?.

Yesterday, a co-worker and I made a rendezvous to the Farmer’s Market in Dewey Square. We trotted over to my favorite farmer: Kimball Farms to see what they had for delectable, homegrown veggies when what to my wandering eye should appear?  Honey f*cking Crisp Apples.  I said to my co-worker, (within earshot of the owner) “Quick, you distract him while I make off with this crate of apples…”  He heard me, laughed and reached over to squeeze my arm.   I wasn’t 100% joking. [You know the proverbial saying, “truth in every joke“.]  Seriously, if I could have absconded with that crate of honey crisp apples, you know I would and then I would have eaten every. single. apple. until I blew up like Violet Beauregarde.

And that’s all I have to say…

Well…actually…that’s not entirely true. I do have one more thing to say: what the fffffffffffffffff is up with Clint Eastwood?!?! Was he outside his head last night or what?  Clint, Clint, Clint, stick to directing, or even acting but for the love of God, please please please abstain from politics and comedy, it’s not your thing, m-kay buddy?

3 thoughts on “All is right with the universe again…

    • Dear Bookpeeps,
      Thank you for the nomination, I truly appreciate it and would be happy to return the favor; however, currently I am on vacation and am taking a bit of a break from blogging. I hope to jump back in this weekend, but I promise I will participate as I too enjoy your posts, you are a beautiful writer.


      p.s. I cannot believe I am half way through my vacation week already — time sure does fly…

      • Thanks so much for replying while you are on vacation! Enjoy the rest of your time off…time to exhale the old and inhale some new, fresh air. Thanks so much for your kind words on my writing. No worries and no obligation intended about the award. The purpose was to highlight your blog as one of my favorites! Cheers!

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