Changing the appearance of my blog

Helloooooo GE Followers,

I had a moment of creativity after my hair appointment tonight (did I mention maintaining a pixie haircut is mucho trabajo?) and decided to change the appearance of my blog.  Not sure how I feel about it — I wanted something earthy and I don’t think this theme expresses earthy, do you?

Your thoughts?…Anyone?.. Bueller?…



I just realized that my blog picture is outdated as it shows me with long hair, which I painstakingly grew back after a disastrous haircut in 2009!  More background: I have had long hair my entire life until 2009 when I decided to chop it off. Unfortunately the girl who cut it, didn’t have the skills or vision to cut my type of hair (curly) so I went through the painstaking process of growing my hair long again.  Long (no pun) story short, in 2011 I found a fabulous stylist (young, hip, cool, and who follows trends, as well as mucho talent) . I went to this new stylist with pictures of a pixie haircut that I liked on an actress who has the exact same hair texture, color and even skin coloring as me (not an easy task, btw).  The actress is: Morena Baccarin

In closing, when I mention above that I have a pixie cut, this is what I am referring to. I am sorry I do not have actual pictures of me, but it’s really tough to take pictures of myself, at least pictures that are decent enough to post.  Oh and the reason I say pixie cuts are mucho trabajo is because I have to go every 4 weeks to maintain it, otherwise as it starts to grown, my damn curl comes back, which is so frustrating.  :-/


Ok, I found one picture, it was taken immediately after my hair was cut and wasn’t styled yet.  I will say, my hair has morphed since and this first cut was a bit conservative (Kim was nervous seeing as I was going with such a drastic change). My pixie is even shorter now. Anyway, I hate this picture, but it’s the best I can come up with. I think I have some pictures on my iPhone showing the process of going long to short so maybe I’ll post those… not that anyone really cares. Ha-Ha!

Long Hair before Pixie Cut (May 2011)

First Pixie Cut (has morphed into a much shorter, closer to head pixie). I hate this photo and I really wished I had had my eyebrows done before this was taken (yeesh!) they were so overgrown in this photo. Yuck!

My first pixie cut with new stylist, Kim. (May 2011)

Found one of the photos with all of my hair on the salon floor…

My hair, swept into a pile on the salon floor, after Kim cut it all off…

OH! Here is a photo of me with my hair straightened… cannot believe I used to spend so much time straightening my hair! What *!@#^* was I thinking?!?! Oh and that’s our hunk of burning love: Seti “Beefcake”

Me (with straightened hair) and my Seal Pointe Siamese Cat, Seti

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