No Pointe shoes for me…

I generally do not like to get too personal on this blog because the point of my blog is to spread ideas on living green and educating people on animal cruelty (lately more of the latter than the former). That said, sometimes, there is only so much lecturing a girl can do before she has to step down off her soap box. I guess today is that day.  

Back to why I’ll pass on the Pointe shoes…  Three weeks ago, I hurt my foot.  I wish I could tell you I hurt it while landing from a beautiful grande jete but sadly, my injury was not caused by something as glamorous as that.  Believe it or not, I injured my foot while walking around my property, in flip-flops no less (note: I hate flip-flops and rarely wear them).  There’s a section of my yard where there was an old drainage pipe. One Sunday, three weeks ago, I was showing my neighbor some ideas I had for the property and because I was looking up (while walking), I stepped into this hole-where-the-drain-pipe used-to-be and injured my foot *FACEPALM*.

Despite the fact I injured my foot, I continued to walk to/from the train everyday as well as attend my Wednesday evening advanced ballet classes.  I warned my teacher that I injured my foot so my abilities during class would be limited.  She used to dance for the Boston Ballet so she fully understands what it is like to dance with an injury.  (She totally rocks, btw.) Some background:  I used to take private classes on Saturdays at a different studio.  However, about two years ago, I stopped taking privates and joined a new (Note: new to me) dance studio that conducts adult advanced classes on Wednesday evenings. Taking private lessons definitely has its advantages but I much prefer the camaraderie of the group classes.  My Wednesday evening class is comprised of women of alls ages: 25-60 and it is a fun class.  Jessie is the one and only 25 year-old in the class so yes, she is the youngest. Jessie is incredibly talented (understatement) but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s such a good kid too. She’s the kind person you hope your kid turns out like.  Anyway, Jessie is 5’ 11” and has the longest most beautiful legs I have ever seen.  When we are left-hand on the barre, Jessie is in front of me, so I have the (unfortunate) pleasure of watching her amazing young 25 year old body do things that my old addled 45 year old body cannot do [sigh]  – it is what it is, right?  Jessie could have been a professional dancer but atlas; she would rather be a veterinarian. Currently she is enrolled in vet school (kudos to her!).  We all get a kick out of teasing Jess about her long legs and how she can cover more floor space with less leaps and turns than the rest of us shorties.   Jess is a doll, and takes our taunts in stride, as any healthy, normal person would. 

This past Wednesday, I had to skip ballet class because my foot is still killing me. (Argh!) I called my ballet teacher to let her know I would not be in class (because God help you if you don’t call to tell her you’re not coming).  She agreed that I need to stay off the foot and dancing these past two weeks probably wasn’t such a good idea after all.  I have been icing my damn foot but unable to stay off of it because as previously mentioned, I walk to/from the train.  Plus, I’m remodeling an old house which requires all of my free weekend time.  Besides, I am like a shark, if I stop moving, I’m dead.  I cannot sit around on the weekends – it’s not my thing.  Everywhere I look there is a project to tackle or a garden to tend to. I took last Friday off so I could have an extended weekend to work on projects.  Suffice it to say by the time Monday rolled around my foot swelled up like a loaf of bread.  (Ugh!)  I know I should go see my doc but quite honestly, I have had my fill of doctors and hospitals. Azz loooooves to tease me that I’m on the frequent flyer program with all the Boston Area Hospitals. Sadly, there is a shred of truth to that joke (isn’t there always?).

Saturday is supposed to rain, which will put a damper on my project plans. Plus, Azz wants to go see a movie.  Sunday might be a bit clearer but I don’t know if it will be worth it to start a project.  Perhaps I can take this weekend to rest and stay off my foot.  Vamosaver (we shall see).

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